my altra olympus review, part 7

I want to know
have you ever seen the rain?

— the prophet john fogerty

A cold front came in at the same time I went out, so not my favorite day. Cold and windy and rainy, which wouldn’t have been bad except for the cold and wind and rain.

But today was Loopster Dave’s Virtual Pikermi, and he graciously allowed shorter distances. So I got in an hour’s worth in the park. It’s my second run there, and I like it a lot. A quiet 0.3 mile loop in a nice neighborhood. No potties, but brother’s house is just a block away if I need a front yard in an emergency.

Bonus: Rocking horse on the course. Who wouldn’t want to break up the miles with a little cross-training on a daunting steed?

I know what you’re asking. The Altra Olympi have been great on the road, sidewalk and trail, but how do they fare on the rocking horse?

Thanks for asking. As it turns out, they’re fine. I was worried that the Altras’ roomy toe box might be too big for the horse’s stirrups, but there was plenty of room. Bonus: The shoes have a velcro patch on the back intended for gaiters, but it can be used somewhat like a spur to goose the horse. Sure, I got bucked off a couple of times, but nobody said running was supposed to be easy.  Look for these bad boys on the pro rodeo circuit next year. Or at least in a playground near you.

A fun day. Thanks, Dave.



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1 Response to my altra olympus review, part 7

  1. Aaron Brock says:

    You should be more careful; horses can be dangerous.

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