when i first went there, it wasn’t even that grand

nice grand canyon lodge reservation guy: One last question. How did you hear about us?

me: You’re the Grand Canyon.

ngclrg: No, the lodges.

me: Beats me. I’ve been going there for 30 years.

ngclrg: Magazine ad? Internet? Friend told you? Other?

me: I have no idea.

ngclrg: No idea? (“no idea” apparently is not on the list.)

ngclrg, me: looooooooooooong silence. A blank must be filled in here.

me: I guess Internet premonition.

ngclrg: (brightens) Internet! Great. Thanks for your call!

me: sigh.

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3 Responses to when i first went there, it wasn’t even that grand

  1. jenster says:

    On the bright side you just screwed up their market research by .00000673412%.

  2. tosuperstar says:

    One time one of my enemies told me about a place, that’s not an option either.

  3. bangle says:

    When are you going? I’ll be there 9/26, 9/27

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