oj and blue dozer

OJ is a 12-year-old dachshund who is blind and can’t be left alone. His best friend and guide dog is a 6-year-old pit bull, Blue Dozer. I read their tale while editing our paper in Virginia last week. I love this story. Because, you know, happy endings …

Blue Dozer leads OJ around. OJ walks just behind him, often smacking into his butt when he gets too excited. They’re inseparable buddies.

It’s a happy story. But then it’s sad.

Their owner turned them in to a shelter because she couldn’t afford to keep them. The shelter, as we all did, fell instantly in love with them.

But in Act 2, a woman adopts them and promises to keep them together. Which, as it turns out, means keeping the pit bull and jettisoning the blind dog. Didn’t seem that blind, she rationalized. OJ was found wandering around alone and taken back to the shelter. What could be sadder than a blind dog who is lost and looking for his friend?

It’s a sad story. But then it’s happy.

Blue Dozer, the guide dog, was grudgingly returned to the shelter, and the two were reunited.

The shelter says it “received a mountain of applications for their adoption” but, right now, the shelter is focusing on letting the pair rest and catch up on the snuggles they missed while they were apart. (snuggles is their word, not mine. I draw the line at “snuggles.”)

I sent the story to Mo, the world’s biggest softy for animals. She, of course, did what she does — She painted them. They’re on separate canvases. But we’re keeping them right next to each other.

Because, you know, happy endings …

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  1. Colada says:

    Good thing only one of you is a softy.

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