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easter yin/yang

Yin: Impending death from the bohemiavirus. Yang: Bunny Big Ears!!!! I’m calling it a wash. Just gotta figure out how to eat a bunny with a mask on …

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all’s weil that ends weil

Some things you can give up. And some things you can’t. Mo and I have decided to become vetegarians. Actually we became vegetarians, but it’s quite early and I haven’t had my coffee, and vetegarians does seem to have a … Continue reading

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The Great Autophagy Experiment of 2019, Day 1

I’m hungry I’m dirty I’m losing my mind everything’s fine! — the prophet tracy bonham I haven’t had any caffeine in 24 hours. I’m very hungry. They have turned the beloved track into a soccer field. Everything’s not fine. Today … Continue reading

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let it grow until peace comes

“If you don’t take money, they can’t tell you what to do, kid.” — the prophet bill cunningham I wake up in my bed next to a teenage couple. This is odd, because I never woke up in bed next … Continue reading

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Review: New Balance Beacon vs. Hoka Carbon X

I have been rotating these shoes, pausing only to allow them to be serenaded by a plaster frog. So which one is better? New Balance Beacon: An incredible shoe. It’s light, breathable, extremely comfortable. There’s plenty of room in the … Continue reading

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